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Best Corporate Brand Award Best Personal Brand Award

Best Corporate Brand Award Criteria

Entry Criteria:
To be included in Best Corporate Brand Award, a brand must be having successfully transcended geographic and cultural boundaries. It will have expanded across the established economic centers of the world and entered the major growth markets. In measurable terms, this requires that:

  • The brand must have a significant presence in Middle east, Europe, Asia, and North Africa as well as broad geographic coverage in emerging markets.
  • There must be sufficient publicly available data on the brand’s financial performance.
  • Economic profit must be expected to be positive over the longer term, delivering a return above the brand’s cost of capital.
  • The brand must have a public profile and awareness across the major economies of the world.

You can use reference to facts and examples to support your statements wherever possible.

Best Personal Brand of the Year Award Criteria

Entry Criteria:
All Companies and Organizations with minimum 2 years of business experiences who think have well served the culture of Brand Excellence are welcome to apply for the award.

  • The brand with the best score in each zone (Middle East, North Africa, and Asia).
    Please Note: Each entry must be enrolled in the zone for which it was designed, regardless of the location of the design company. For example, An Asian design study can subscribe a logo in Africa.

You can use reference to facts and examples to support your statements wherever possible.

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  1. All winners will be advised by of their success within 2 weeks of registering. After that, please reserve a table for the ceremony.
  2. The Gala Awards ceremony takes place at the Ballroom of the Grand Millennium, Muscat, Oman with a 3 course dinner, cocktails, live music and entertainment sessions.

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