Rules & Criteria

Winners are shortlisted on the basis of data readily available to our research committee. This method makes the awards the most transparent and credible. With insight, deep analysis and research, we contact chief executives, top management officials, and company representatives in the region who successfully met the following criteria:
    • Corporate Performance
Financial information is an important indicator of success. Our Research Committee assess financial statistics for the nominee's organization, sales figures, benchmarking of the nominee's organization and its contribution to the industry/market.
    • Global Competitiveness
Any international initiatives undertaken by the nominee are being considered; for example, identified potential new markets abroad, enhanced operations in other countries, set up foreign ventures or expanded the organization's affairs internationally. For organizations that are primarily domestic in scope, performance will be compared with global competitors in the same sector/industry.
    • Innovation in Service and Products
How is the nominee's organization unique or innovative in its relationships with its customers? Our Research Committee assess the number of customers, growth within new markets, leading market share, delivering and producing new products/services.
    • Social Responsibility
Our Research Committee assessed the measures taken by the nominee to overcome health, safety, security, quality, environmental, sustainability issues with the implementation of standards and best practices. Most common ways to show this is improving energy efficiency, reducing waste, reducing water use, recycling waste material, reducing pollution, improving the environment or improving employees' well-being, using local suppliers, or addressing impact on climate change.
    • Challenges
How the nominee guided a company through difficult periods and continued making improvements in order to bring about an innovative change in the market with a consumer-centric attitude, is a key assessment factor.
    • Awards and Recognition
National and international awards won by the nominee.
    • Vision and Leadership
The nominee must have demonstrated vision and leadership over several years. This includes specific situations or initiatives where the nominee’s insight, discernment and ability to lead and inspire has guided their organization to a new level of growth, achievement or recognition. CRITERIA FOR BEST PERSONAL BRAND OF THE YEAR AWARD
  • Introduced creative/innovative methods to serve and satisfy their customers.
  • Produced and introduced such products into the market which brought value and delight to the customers.
  • Improved the timelines, accuracy and/or relevance of service.
  • Experience of customers when using company’s products and services.
  • Presence of clear standards and adequate monitoring performance.
  • Type and level of client base of the company
  • Other Criteria such as Business Profitability, Customer Loyalty Programs, Awards (Both Nationally & Internationally)
CONFIDENTIALITY All entries become the property of Middle East, North Africa & Asia Awards Organization and cannot be used for any purpose other than award judging without the written consent of the applicants. The Middle East, North Africa & Asia Awards Organization reserves the right to publicize the award winners and details of their case study and will always advise you of such details prior to publication.
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