Values & Benefits

Awards,badges & Certificates

  • A VIP seat at Global Economic Forum which is taking place on 22nd July from 9 a.m. till 3p.m.
  • 2-night Stay at Istanbul Conrad Hotel
  • A VIP seat at the Gala Awards Ceremony (A night with the Stars)
  • Receiving Trophy, badge of Honor & Certificate from our world famous Award Givers.
  • Receiving Certificate of honor from ZHAW university of applied sciences.
  • Ticket includes refreshments, networking session & dinner at the Ballroom of the Conrad Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Photography, videography & entertainment sessions.

Media CoverageIt will be a great pre and post media coverage of the award ceremony and the winners, for marketing and branding purposes. Our media partners are the leaders assuring regional coverage, assisting in increasing awareness and strengthening the image of your company in your own segment. The ceremony is accompanied by wide media support at all the contest stages to make sure of your recognition in your own industry in MENAA Region.

NetworkingThe solemn ceremony of Middle East, North Africa & Asia Awards is an effective platform for communication of leading players of each industry, which enables the development of international business relations, as well as promoting their brands among their target audience. It will be a fantastic networking opportunity with all top notch companies from MENAA region.

Marketing OpportunitiesThe winners of the Middle East, North Africa & Asia Awards are entitled to use the symbols of the Award for advertising purposes. Winner’s emblem is an effective marketing tool for the company’s/brand’s promotion in the international market. It also helps you to prove your achievements, and success to your customers, competitors, and all stakeholders, and boosting the morale of your organization, and further improving your relationship with your customers, and

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