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Germany Training Tour 2017

In cooperation with Deutsche Management Academy, MENAA Awards Organization is bringing top CEOs and mangers of the region together for a fantastic and exceptional training tour of Germany from 2nd to 8th April 2017 to visit the world’s giant economic players such as Airbus, Mont Blanc, Mercedes Benz, Becks Brewery, & Sennheiser Electronics along with two training workshops with the CEOs of German reputable organizations.
Constant improvement of the leadership and management culture of organizations is essential in today's fast-growing competitive markets which can be gained through benchmarking, learning from the pioneers, and industry leader organizations, Benefits and Values:
  • Getting Well Equipped with the Latest Management Tools and Techniques
  • Connecting and Acquainting with Top International Managers and Decision Makers
  • Breaking into the Global and International Trade Markets
  • Visiting and Benchmarking Best Practices from some of Europe's Top Companies and Brands
  • Attending Management Training Workshops run by German Mangers and University Professors
  • Possibility of Establishing a Great Powerful Value Network with Top and Successful Region's CEOs and Managers
  • Transformation of Managerial Attitude and Promoting the Skills to Higher Levels
  • Staying at Top 5 star Hotels with Great Touristic and Cultural Programs and Tours
  • Receiving the Certificate of Achievement from the Deutsche Management National Academy
  • Air Flights, Meals and Transportation
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